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Pramipexole is a highly potent dopamine agonist, which belongs to the same class of drugs as Cabergoline. It is known for its ability to directly impact the levels of the prolactin hormone in the body. As dopamine levels increase, prolactin levels decrease, due to its strong binding affinity with the dopamine D3 receptor. Although it also binds with the D2 receptor, its binding affinity with the D3 receptor is seven times stronger than any other dopamine agonist.

All You Need to Know

Recommended Male Dosage: 0.25mg every other day for starting week, followed by 1mg daily for entire cycle.

Recommended Female Dosage: One 0.12mg dose for starting week, followed by 1mg every 2-3 days for entire cycle.

Cycle Length: This is an optional aromatase inhibitor. The length of the cycle in which it is used is dependent on the specific steroid regimen being taken. However, it is highly recommended to use Pramipexole when taking an aromatizing steroid, as it helps to maintain hormone balance. The use of Pramipexole during a steroid cycle can help to minimize the risk of negative estrogenic effects, making it a valuable addition to your steroid regimen.


Why Pramipexole is Used in Cycle

Pramipexole, as a prolactin inhibitor, is often used in conjunction with progesterone-based drugs such as Anadrol, Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Enanthate and Deca Durabolin. These drugs are popularly prescribed for the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions including muscle wasting, anemia, and hormone imbalances. Pramipexole works by blocking the effect of the hormones prolactin and oxytocin which can lead to an increase in testosterone levels when used in combination with progesterone-based drugs.

When using powerful anabolic steroids such as Nandrolone and Trenbolone, prolactin levels can rapidly increase in conjunction with elevated estrogen levels. This can lead to the development of prolactin-induced gynecomastia, even if estrogen levels are not excessively high. It has been shown to be effective at reducing symptoms associated with these conditions such as fatigue, decreased libido, and weight gain.


Pramipexole blocks the receptors in the body that respond to progesterone and prevent them from becoming overly stimulated. Studies have shown that Pramipexole can be effective in reducing hot flashes and other symptoms associated with progesterone use, as well. In addition, it has been found to reduce anxiety and depression caused by high levels of progesterone in the body.


By blocking dopamine receptors, which are responsible for controlling sexual desire and performance, Pramipexole can help reduce libido and erectile dysfunction. It also reduces other symptoms of hypogonadism such as infertility, low sperm count, and decreased muscle mass.

Potential Side Effects

Pramipexole is widely used by bodybuilders to increase muscle mass and strength. While this can be beneficial, there are some side effects which must be taken into account. The most common adverse effect of Pramipexole is insomnia, as it impacts the natural sleep cycle. Additionally, it may cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, constipation, and fatigue. Furthermore, long-term use of Pramipexole has been linked to an increased risk of developing depression or anxiety.

On the other hand, bodybuilders who take Pramipexole often see a dramatic increase in their gains due to its anabolic effects. It also helps to reduce recovery time between workouts and reduces joint pain associated with exercise. It is important for bodybuilders to weigh the pros and cons before using any supplement, especially those that have the potential for significant side effects such as Pramipexole.

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