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Alpha Hard Stack


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Welcome to your perfect Summer cycle. This pre-designed stack, designed to get your physique to a rock solid state, includes the following products: Anavar, Sust-250, Tren-E and Arimidex to help any side effects from occurring. You’ll become as hard as a rock while on this stack. Gain lean muscle that lasts. Very little water retention, just keep your diet clean. You could also add Masteron or Proviron to the stack to really harden you up.

Product Details

Anavar 50x25mg Tablets USP, Recommended dose 50-100mg per/day
Sust-250 10x250mg/mL USP, Recommended dose 1cc three times per week.
Tren Ace 10x100mg/mL USP, Recommended dose 1cc every other day.
Arimidex 50x1mg Tablets USP, Recommended dose 1mg every other day throughout the entire cycle. Cycle on for 8-12 weeks.

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