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LGD-4033, also known as Ligandrol, is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that specifically targets the androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue. It is considered one of the most potent muscle-building compounds within the SARM family, and has been shown to produce significant increases in strength and power. Unlike traditional anabolic steroids, SARMs like LGD-4033 activate the androgen receptors in a similar way, but do not have the same level of androgenic side effects. This makes it an attractive option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for performance enhancement without the negative side effects commonly associated with anabolic steroids. Although it is a relatively new product, research and user reports have shown positive results in terms of muscle growth and strength gains.

All You Need to Know

Recommended Male Dosage: 10-30mg daily.

Recommended Female Dosage: 5-15mg daily.

Minimum/Maximum Cycle Length: 4-16 weeks.

Ideal Cycle Length: 12 weeks.


Best Stacks for LGD-4033

LGD-4033 is an incredibly versatile compound, and can be stacked with virtually any other steroid to great effect. However, this SARM is best used in a mass gaining phase as it possesses hunger-inducing and muscle building agents. When it comes to selecting the right SARMs stack for bulking, it is essential to find a combination that allows you to increase muscle mass without increasing appetite. A power stack of LGD-4033, RAD-140, YK-11, and MK-677 can be a great option if both your budget and experience allow. However, this should not be undertaken lightly since this focus and concentration of SARMs could be potentially dangerous which is why adequate research and proper preparation must be done beforehand in order to maximize safety. Additionally, it’s important to monitor and adjust the stack based on user results as well as consult with an expert before taking action.

LGD-4033 has even been clinically proven to increase lean body mass, enhance strength, and reduce fat. Studies have shown that users of LGD-4033 gained an average of 5 lbs. of lean muscle in just four weeks without changing their diets or exercise routines. It’s important though, to keep an aromatase inhibitor on hand, such as Nolvadex, Arimidex, or Aromasin in case side effects elevate when using this compound.


A SARM like LGD-4033, works by targeting the androgen receptors in the body, which helps increase protein synthesis and inhibit muscle breakdown. This can have a positive impact on overall workouts and provides a better environment for muscles to recover more quickly.


This compound is also an extremely effective fat burner for bodybuilding. It works by increasing the body’s metabolism, allowing for more calories and fats to be burned off more quickly. Additionally, it helps to reduce muscle catabolism and increases lean muscle mass, which assists in burning fat as well.


LGD-4033 helps users maintain healthy levels of nitrogen retention, which is essential for building fuller muscles faster. It also encourages a greater number of muscle fibres to be built without risking overtraining or damaging existing muscle tissue.


LGD-4033 is a powerful anabolic substance that has been known to produce significant strength and stamina gains in bodybuilding, due to its ability to increase lean muscle mass while preserving and even enhancing bone density.

Potential Side Effects

LGD-4033 is non-steroidal in nature, it has fewer side effects, making it a great choice for fitness enthusiasts looking to maximise their performance without risking their health. Additionally, research has shown that LGD-4033 has the potential to increase bone density, helping to reduce the risk of injury during heavy lifting sessions.

Some users have reported experiencing cardiovascular events such as elevated heart rate and blood pressure, as well as palpitations and shortness of breath. In addition, LGD-4033 could cause suppression of natural testosterone production leading to decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, acne breakouts and hair loss. Furthermore, there is also a risk of liver damage due to the presence of LGD-4033 metabolites in the bloodstream.

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SARMs, short for “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators”, is a novel class of androgen receptor ligands that compliments most anabolic steroid cycles. They provide the same type of effects as androgenic drugs but are much more selective in their effects. This allows them to be more specialised in their usages rather than the relatively limited usages of regular anabolic steroids.

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