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4 Tips Before Starting Your First Anabolic Steroid Cycle

With 2021, many casual trainers and full-time athletes are looking to venture onto another year of perfecting their physique. If you’re here for that goal and are on the edge of considering complementing your training schedule with anabolic steroids, consider yourself in luck.

In this article, we examine everything you need to know before starting your first steroid cycle, so you can hit the ground running instead of bailing miserably with shrunken testicles. Let our team of chemists, pharmacists, doctors, athletes, and professional coaches be your guide to helping you navigate your way around the world of performance enhancers. Here is everything you need to know on starting your first anabolic steroids cycle and what to expect.

Tip #1: Testosterone Is a Staple of Life

One of the most common questions is where a novice should start in the world of anabolic steroids. With more chemical compound names than there are movies in the 007 franchise and Star Wars reboot combined, beginners and easily get lost and stack the wrong compounds. Here’s the golden rule: When in doubt, go for testosterone. While it might not be applicable in every stack and cycle, if you play smart, it could rarely hurt you and can yield much more benefits than cons.

Tip #2: Should I Inject Steroids or Take Oral Tablets?

A common question we’ve received is whether to go for injectable testosterone or tablet form. There are both pros and cons to injectables and orals.

The premise for this topic is anything that goes into our mouth will pass through the liver. For this reason, many orals have been designed to not break down as they pass through the liver, which creates an easy opportunity for novices to experience with oral tablets.

On the flip side, however, there are many more benefits to learning how to inject into the muscle. Injections enter the body through the blood stream rather than the digestive tract, which translates to more usable testosterone flowing through your body than via orals, which loses potency as they get transported through your liver. In addition, orals will cause a heavier burden on your liver. If you are already a regular drinker, oral steroids can take a heavy toll on your liver.

Tip #3: Price of Steroids: Expensive Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Expensive doesn’t always mean good, especially when it comes to steroids. Just because a compound is three times the price of standard testosterone does not mean it’s more powerful. Everything must be used in careful association and harmony to keep the chemical balance in your body in check.

Often, you will also find oral tablets to be more expensive than injectables. Most of the time this is due to injectables being easier to produce as less precautions need to be taken.

Tip #4: Testosterone Is More Beneficial Than Harmful

One of the most common and overlooked facts about testosterone is that once a male reaches the age of 20, he has hit his peak testosterone levels. After the age of 20 a male loses 1% to 2% of their testosterone levels every year. Even a 30-year-old male may notice up to a 20% drop in their testosterone levels. Eventually, low testosterone levels can cause lack of sex of drive, lack of motivation and even greater health problems.

Many theorize without facts that taking testosterone has negative health effects. In fact, the opposite is true! There are many cardiovascular benefits, increased muscle mass, increased bone density, better cognition and memory, restored libido, enhanced mood and much more with the intake of testosterone. Just make sure to use it wisely.

In Summary

Now that we have covered the options of oral and injectable cycles, we are ready to suggest a good first-time or beginner cycle. A minimum duration for any cycle should be no less than 12 weeks followed by PCT (a post cycle therapy). These are recommended based on years of research and data.

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