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Optimizing Your Workout Frequency for Maximum Results

After a challenging session at the gym, where your muscles undergo breakdown and fiber damage, the crucial next step is recovery. At Alpha Pharm Canada, we emphasize the importance of recovery in achieving maximum fitness results. Explore our range of products, including cannabis-based options and recovery anabolics like Jeotrop or MK-677, designed to support your muscle growth journey.


Understanding Your Training Frequency

According to studies led by Brad J. Schoenfeld and colleagues, training a muscle twice a week is considered optimal for muscle hypertrophy. However, various training splits, such as the body part split or the full body split, present different perspectives on the ideal frequency. In this blog, we aim to provide clarity on the age-old question: How many times a week should you train, and what’s optimal for your goals?


Insights From Scientific Studies

Recent research by sports and muscle scientists suggests that training a muscle twice a week is optimal, while additional sessions (3-4 times a week) can benefit quick-recovering muscle groups like arms, abs, and calves. In the past, the prevailing belief was in favor of a body part split, training each muscle once a week to allow for full recovery. However, with advancements in anabolic steroids and training-frequency science, we now know that muscle growth can double.

New studies reveal that muscle protein synthesis peaks at 24 hours and then rapidly declines, almost returning to baseline at 36 hours. Alpha Pharm recommends a complete 48-hour rest before targeting the same muscle group again. This strategic approach ensures sufficient recovery while allowing you to engage other body parts during the waiting period.

Training Splits For Optimal Gains

Alpha Pharm recommends effective training splits for hitting all muscle groups twice a week, such as PPL (push/pull/legs), the Arnold split, Upper/Lower, and well-planned Full Body approaches. Our Alpha Big Stack is a powerful aid for enhanced recovery and muscle-building potential. For strength progression and recovery, it is suggested to wait approximately 48-72 hours before targeting the same muscle again. Strength training recovery times are slightly longer than those for hypertrophy training, as joint, ligament, and central nervous system recovery become more crucial when lifting heavier loads.


Optimizing Muscle Growth With Research

At Alpha Pharm, our goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals optimally. We advocate for training muscles 2-3 times per week, focusing on muscle protein synthesis and comprehensive recovery. Our recommended training splits include a 4-6 days per week Upper/Lower split or a 6 days per week Push/Pull/Legs split. For more specialized training tips, explore our other blogs for expert advice from Alpha Pharm.

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