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4 Exercises To Develop A Powerful Muscular Chest

Man Working Muscular Chest

4 Exercises To Develop A Powerful Muscular Chest

Building athletic pectoral muscles is not always an easy task. These muscles do not develop from indirect exercises to other groups, such as hands or trapezoids, and react only to heavy intensive training muscular chest. Meanwhile, they play the main role in the physique of the athlete, whether it is the front or side view of the torso. Powerful nursing always emphasizes not only the experience of the bodybuilder, but also the effectiveness of his training. Here is a complex of training of the muscles of the chest, consisting of 4 exercises performed in an intensive style.

The program is performed once a week at the beginning of the workout:

  • Press the bar on a horizontal bench muscular chest: 5 sets (3 warm-up – 15-10 repetitions, 2 workers – 8-6 repetitions). Rest 90 seconds.
  • Dumbbell press on the inclined bench head up: 3 sets (1 warm-up – 12 repetitions, 2 workers – 10-8 repetitions). Rest 2 minutes.
  • Superset of 2 exercises: push-ups on the uneven bars + reduction of hands in the Peck-Dec simulator, 3 approaches (bars – 10-12 repetitions + pec-dec – 10 slow repetitions).

Exercise peck-de note: Weight in the Peck-Dec simulator should be chosen so that to perform repetitions slowly and without jerking. This is an isolating exercise, here in the first place is the technique of movements and mental concentration on the functioning of the pectoral muscles. Rest between the approaches in other exercises – 90 seconds.

This complex is designed to combine power basic exercises, powerfully working muscle fibers, with an insulating blood-filling exercise, which has a slightly different, pumping effect. This combination shocks the muscles and they react to this with qualitative growth. Push-ups on the uneven bars for the pair with the information of the hands are not chosen by chance. After the first two basic movements, push-ups on the uneven bars modify the thoracic, and the information creates an intensified pumping effect of blood filling, which, in combination with heavy exercises, acts on the muscles just fine muscular chest.

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