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Development Of Powerful Triceps

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Development Of Powerful Triceps

Triceps play a crucial role in athleticism, it is due to their full development and strength, basic bench exercises work all 100%. Any “base”, whether it be exercises on the chest or deltas, requires the power of the triceps in the first place to overcome the serious weight and effectively work out the target muscles, so their strength is decisive, especially if the training is conducted with the maximum impact on high results.

Phenomenal triceps almost always say that the athlete is able to squeeze incredible weight. For example, the legendary professional bodybuilder Kevin Levron, in his competitive times, demonstrated simply the transcendental development of the triceps, standing out amongst others in this indicator, and of course squeezing fantastic weights in horizontal and inclined pressures. Powerful triceps – strength in the exercises, the connection is direct, and therefore they need to pay close attention to move to the main exercises to a new level.

The triceps are called the triceps muscle of the shoulder, since it consists of three heads (bundles): long, lateral and medial. In any triceps exercise, they work all, but with the press down on the block with a little or less effort for each, so a variety of exercises (usually enough 3 exercises) is the main condition for the human hulk bodybuilder progress of these muscles.

Whatever tasks are set, whether it is mass work, with a lot of weight and fewer repetitions, or relief, with a repetition rate of about fifteen and not a big working weight, it is important to always remember the health of elbows. Exercises on the triceps, anyway, load the elbows, so they must be pre-heated. If the triceps are performed after intensive training of the chest or deltas, then you can be sure that the elbows are already warmed up and in each triceps exercise there will be enough 1-2 warm-up approaches, but if the three-headed arm muscle is trained by the first number on a single day, then the warm-up should be given special attention. At least 3 warm-up approaches with the number of repetitions of 20-15 should be done in the first exercise, before moving to a more serious weight. The first one is better than the French press of the EZ-bar lying down to fill the press down on the block. The block, with its continuous target load, perfectly kneads the elbows, while the lateral and long heads are effectively worked through.
Periodically, it is necessary to change the grip to the opposite, in this case the stress is shifted to the medial head from the lateral head. The second exercise is followed by the French bench press (with EZ-neck or straight).

This exercise works fine for all three triceps, and, since the elbows are already warmed up, after two warm-up sets you can perform 2-3 power approaches for 8-10 repetitions. The third in the complex is the most difficult and key triceps exercise – press the dumbbells with both hands because of the head sitting. The dumbbell press is performed on a bench with a vertically raised back. It would be logical to assume that if this is the most difficult movement, then it must be done at the beginning. The uniqueness of the exercise is that, along with the shock load, Gint dumbbells with both hands due to the head of the sidyryps, developing its strength and volume, the dumbbell press perfectly stretches the three-headed at the lower point of the amplitude, and this advantage will work effectively only if the triceps will be preliminarily tired of the two previous exercises. Just at this moment, and comes the turn of a heavy press of a dumbbell, a tired triceps will undergo intensive work-up and stretching, as a result of which all three bundles will receive a powerful stimulus to growth. Pressing a dumbbell is a dangerous exercise, a muscle “failure” can come instantly, and it is extremely difficult to return a dumbbell at the end of the set, therefore, insurance and the assistance of a team-mate will be very useful here.

Complex for triceps (if triceps are trained after a breast or delt, warm-up and working approaches are less: warm-up – 1-2, workers – 2-3).

  • Press down on the block: 3 warm-up sets – 20-15 repetitions, 3 working sets – 12-10 repetitions;
  • French bar press bench: 2 warm-up sets – 12 reps, 2-3 working sets – 8-10 reps;
  • The press was dumbbells with both hands from behind the head while sitting: 2 warm-up sets – 12 repetitions, 1-2 working sets – 8-10 repetitions.

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