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The 3 Most Aesthetic Muscle Groups to Focus On Growing

For the majority of gym-goers, hopping on a proper & evenly distributed workout split is the best way to go and it ensures equal muscle development across your entire body (while generally hitting each muscle group twice per week). However, being specifically proportioned is everything in bodybuilding & aesthetics and developing certain body parts over others can mean a more appealing shape to your body. Having too much of a muscular & blocky of a midsection, or too small of a V-taper could potentially be your physique’s downfall, so today we are going to go over the 3 most aesthetic muscle groups that you’ll want to grow to make your physique even more impressive and stand out from the crowd.


Side Delts

In bodybuilding, side delts are perhaps the most important muscle group to grow, for one main reason: the V-taper. Developing large, round, 3D side delts means your physique will come to a beautiful taper at the top, ensuring a bold taper down to your midsection. To build the side delts effectively, staying in a higher rep range and focusing on volume will ensure maximum growth. Some great exercises for the side delts are dumbbell lateral raises and upright rows, but Alpha Pharm suggest implementing the cable lateral raise instead, to provide mechanical tension throughout the entire movement. Since the side delts are small & quick-recovering muscles that can handle volume extremely well, we recommend training them a minimum of 2 times per week to a maximum of 4 times per week. While training this muscle, it’s important to make sure that you’re keeping constant muscular tension and training in the clavicular plane, raising at about 30° from the side of your body. Two great anabolics to assist with the growth of side delts are Turinabol and Primobolan as they provide dry & lean muscle gain which will blow your delt definition through the roof. Growing the side delts along with the 2 other muscle groups we will discuss below, will be the cherry on top to perfect your physique.



Growing large, wide lats is arguably the most important part to a great V-taper. Bodybuilders like Dorian Yates, Chris Bumstead, and Ronnie Coleman have been huge endorsers of developing huge lat muscles — and for good reason. Having a wide back will enhance your physique look crazy, as it can make your shoulders look wider, and provide the illusion of a ridiculously small waist. Doing exercises like lat pulldowns, lat pullovers, and many row variations (with the elbow tight to the body) are great for building thick lats and should be trained around twice per week. Remember to include your high and low reps for these muscles because they can handle lots of tension & muscle damage! When doing your heavy compounds, such as a 5×5 bent over row or weighted chin-ups, supplements like Deca Durabolin and Dianabol can help to move heavy weight, insanely quickly. A quick Alpha Pharm tip, is to pre-exhaust your lats with an accessory movement (like the lat pullovers) before moving in to your heavy compounds to get better activation.


Upper Chest

The upper chest is often a neglected muscle groups by the majority of lifters in the gym, as almost everyone just wants to flat bench. However, growing a beefy upper chest provides a more dominant look to your physique and creates the illusion of a fuller chest. While everyone mostly has overdeveloped lower to mid pectoral muscles, packing on size to the upper chest will separate you from the crowd and make your chest look like a piece of steel-plated armour. Cycling in Winstrol into your routine will help your chest stay lean, which is everything in chest appearance  — having a sloppy, non-defined chest will only make your physique look soft. With that, pairing in an anti-estrogen compound like Arimidex as well can also help keep your chest sharp, as gyno (that can sometimes occur with certain anabolics steroids) can ruin the aesthetic of your chest. To grow the upper chest, we suggest that you implement an incline pressing movement (with the bench at 30-45°) and a low to high chest fly for some accessory work. Stick in a moderate rep range for this muscle, as we want enough mechanical tension for growth but also weight light enough so that we can develop a strong mind-muscle connection with the upper chest.


For more fitness, nutrition, and recovery tips just like this, check out our Alpha Pharm Blog and contact us now if you have any anabolic questions.

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