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How to Properly Train While on Anabolic Steroids

A common question asked by those new to or not in the hobby is whether taking anabolic steroids before a session will allow you to lift double or triple your usual weight. The answer is no, at least not during the first few times. This turns into a “maybe” eventually, depending on how hard you work and how smart you are with your anabolic steroid usage. Let’s break down the specifics.

How Does Anabolic Steroids Work?

The unique properties of anabolic steroid allows your muscles to heal much faster than they usually would. Whether you’re currently on a steroid cycle or are in your post-cycle therapy, you should always continue training to keep your body active. While you are on gear, you will notice your recovery substantially improving. You’ll require less resting time between sets, and your muscles will heal faster than usual. This applies not only to post-session recovery, but also the time you take to rest between sets, or even how tired you feel during reps. As a result, an exercise that you could’ve only done 5-6 times could now suddenly increase to 8-10 while keeping the same weight.

Following this logic, anabolic steroids allow you to fit more exercises into a workout, up to double the amount. Depending on how clean your diet is and how hard you normally work, you could potentially get shredded twice as fast. While this won’t let you lift double your weight right away, it makes your workouts more explosive and efficient. You could do up to 2 intensive workouts a day without breaking a sweat. Some more experienced veterans could even fit a whole week worth of workouts into only a few days while on their anabolic steroid stacks.

The Applications of Anabolic Steroids

From bicep curls, bench press, aerobatics, to more intensive training, you can expect more explosive power and improved endurance regardless of the type of workout program you’re partaking in. Additionally, you will find yourself be able to add on additional reps and sets than what you would normally be used to.

With that being said, trying to pull off too much weight is a common mistake for new anabolic steroid users. The urge to add on extra plates will be strong, but keep in mind your ligaments will be lagging behind while your muscle sees explosive growth. You will be at a great risk of injury if you don’t adjust to the weights gradually. Experience with more weight by all means but do so while being smart with your limits.

Certain compounds are exceptional at offering enhanced healing, such as Jeotrop, but no compound will make you immune to new injuries. Our team carries only the highest quality steroids online in Canada, and we have a range of products to meet your needs, for both beginners and the gurus. If you have any questions about how to properly put on more reps or weight, feel free to reach out to the team at Alpha Pharm Canada. Our team is always happy to help with any anabolic steroid related questions.

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