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Making Your Workouts at Home More Challenging

Home workouts, given enough months of social isolation and avoiding the virus, can eventually become stale and unprogressive. Initially, it may have been challenging to work with the amount of weights you had, but as the routine goes out and you get stronger, your body become used to the weight and all the exercises now can feel redundant and not contributing to your muscle growth. What should you do?

While the most common answer would be to go out or order heavier weights online, the objective here is to spend as little money as possible. Anabolic steroid supplements are already expensive – your workout equipment shouldn’t have to be costly too.

Unknown to most people, there are actually proper methods you can use to make your workouts more challenging without getting new equipment or hurting yourself. We will be going through 3 of the best ways of enhancing your workouts at home without adding more sets, reps, weight or changes to your anabolic steroid cycles.

1. Pause During or Prolong Movements During Reps

A great way to make your workouts more challenging is to stop mid-way during a rep. This forces your body to remain in a position of strain for a longer period. It also discontinues any momentum you would’ve relied on to complete the movement.

For your muscles to generate the force needed to complete a movement, your muscles will need to fire correctly. Pausing while going through a movement will make your workouts more challenging, allowing your muscles to spend more time being challenged. Doing so also minimizes the chances for you to adapt a bad posture to complete a workout.

Incorporating pauses between movements also ensures the effects of your anabolic steroids are maximized. Combined with the effect faster healing and recovery, pauses during a workout can significantly improve the results, providing you with a stronger physique in shorter period of time.

2. Squeeze the Muscles During Movements

As a perfect compliment to pausing during your exercises, squeezing your muscles can also lead to the same effect of making your workouts more challenging. During an exercise, there are likely a one or more movements that requires you to contract your muscles. Instead of performing the regular exercise, really squeeze your muscles when you get to that motion of the workout. Doing so will help strengthen those muscles and make sure your posture and movement is ideal.

As an example, when you perform a barbell curl, you can squeeze your arm at the peak of the curl before lowering your arm. The first few reps may feel only a little extra, but as you move onto the later reps, you will feel your arms becoming more tired, forcing you to work harder to control the weight in your hand.

3. Minimizing Periods of Rest

One of the simplest yet intuitive ways of making your workouts more challenging is to reduce the rest time between movements, putting your body at more strain, forcing it to exert more energy. Doing so will make your workouts much more intense and accelerate muscle growth when combined with the right anabolic steroid supplements. Human Growth Hormone, otherwise known as HGH, is one of the best anabolic steroids for enduring intensive exercise with minimum amount of rest.

Harder workouts build stronger muscles

With these 3 simple tips on how to make your workouts more challenging, now is the time to pick up those weights and try your usual reps again! If you follow all the steps correctly, you should feel more intensive burns in your intended muscle groups, leading to faster and more efficient muscle gain. If you have any questions on practicing these tips, or have other recommendations to share, feel free to reach out to our team; we’re always happy to help.

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