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The 5 Best Exercises to Train Your Abs Post-Coronavirus

Kicking off February, we have some epic holidays on the horizon. Whether you’re planning for the all-important Valentine, or are looking a bit further into the month, it is time to get that ab workout you’ve always pushed off on track. Maybe it’s a bit too early to commit to buying new gear for the home gym, pun intended, and we understand. Here are 5 equipment-free exercises you can start doing at home. It’s time to turn a new leaf and have our fitness endeavors done right and anabolic supplements stacked up for the bulking or cutting to come.

The below listed exercises are quite simple and don’t really come under the beginner-experienced-advanced buckets of workouts. Try doing each workout for 30-45 seconds each with 20-second breaks in between. To get the optimal efficiency, don’t forget to select an ideal anabolic steroid cycle that works best for you.

Ab Exercise #1: High plank, open and close

To begin, get into the default push-up position. Keep your hands perfectly straight, stiff and spread apart on the ground. Keep your feet together. In essence, this workout is about keeping your legs open and closed while assuming a jumping position. If it’s too difficult, you could also do a step motion instead of a jump. Do this workout for 45 seconds and squeeze your core as much as you can. Take a 15 minute break before moving on to the next set.

Ab Exercise #2: Bicycles

Possibly one of the easiest and best abs workouts you’ll fine online, and a very efficient one at that. First, lay on your back. Second, hold the back of your head with both your arms and push off the ground. Third, lift your legs and assume a cycling motion with your legs. This will strengthen your thighs slightly as it puts pressure on your core and abdominal area. While you’re in this motion, touch your knee and elbow in a cross motion, as in left elbow with right knee and vice versa. Do the same for about 45 seconds and take a breather then. Maintaining this exercise daily with the addition of Testosterone supplements can yield fast and long-lasting results.

Ab Exercise #3: Leg flutters

Before doing leg flutters, it’s important to stretch prior to the exercise, as it involves complex motions. Return to the default bicycle position, laying flat on the ground. Now, point your hands towards your pelvis and lift yourself off the ground. Keeping that position, lift your legs off the ground too and move them up and down. Remember to keep your legs and arms straight, the stiffness is what creates pressure on your abdomen. Keep each rep to 30-45 seconds while moving as slowly as you can for the maximum burn.

Ab Exercise #4: Leg raises

On the same tier of exercise as Bicycles, Leg raises is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and also the most efficient. Even personal trainers approve that this could be one of the best abs workouts at home, yielding monstrous growths when combined with anabolic steroids such as Sustanon 250 and Clomid. Resume the position of Bicycles. Like Leg Flutters, instead of pointing your hands towards your pelvis, place your hands underneath your back for support then lift your legs all the way up. Aim for 45 seconds or 20 reps while going slowly.

Ab Exercise #5: Mountain climber switch

This exercise not only targets the abs, but also the core and muscles around it. Assume the initial push-up position from High Plank. What you do here is try a running motion but keep switching sides and alternating your direction. The objective here is to assert pressure on your abdominal abs next to your abs by twisting your waist a bit and squeezing. Aim for about 45 seconds.

Living up to the promises of your new year revolutions no doubt takes a high degree of determination and hard work. While selecting the right exercise for the maximum results for your abs, the decision of which anabolic steroids to supplement your workout is almost as important of a factor as the exercises themselves. Browse Alpha Pharm Canada for the highest-grade steroids at the lowest prices. If you have any questions regarding ab-building workouts and what supplements to use, feel free to reach out to our experts. We’re always happy to help.

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