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The 5 Best Shoulder Workouts To Do At Home

Working out at home is both convenient and free, for the most part. Other than the gym equipment and anabolic steroid supplements, it costs no membership to stroll to the garage and pick up a few weights. However, without proper planning, working out at home usually results in abandoned efforts or inefficient training. Often, those who work out from home want to target specific muscles or areas of the body but aren’t sure how to best go about it. One of the most common areas of training are the shoulders.

In this article, we will cover the top 5 best exercises to do at home for growing your shoulder muscles. Consider adding these exercises to your regular workout plan. All these exercises are not only simple, effective, and have minimal implications for injuries, they are also very effective when paired with anabolic supplements such as Testosterone and Sustanon.

Exercise #1: Lateral raise – A lightweight exercise, lateral raise is one of the most effective exercises from this list. From a standing position, extend your arms to the sides and lift upwards. As you complete this exercise, your arms should be positioned parallel to the floor.

Exercise #2: Reverse fly – This exercise can be completed from a standing or seated position. Start with your arms in front of you and press your arms outwards, extending your chest to tighten your back and shoulder muscles. This exercise is also completed with lighter weights.

Exercise #3: Upright row – This exercise can be completed with free weights, or with a bench bar. In a standing position, slowly row your arms upward, pulling the weights towards your chest. Start with a low weight, as otherwise you may have difficulties with maintaining a proper form.

Exercise #4: Front raise – a similar exercise with all other exercises on this list, front raise should be performed with lighter weights. For this exercise, the movement starts out similar to a lateral raise, but your arms will extend in front of you instead of to the side.

Exercise #5: Single-arm press – a single-arm press can be completed from a standing position. Use one arm to press upwards with a free weight. Be sure to move your arms vertically upwards and refrain from protruding to the side. Be sure to use an appropriate weight for this exercise to keep safe from injuries.

Good Form Builds Good Muscles

Proper form is not only important for results, but also for injury prevention as well. If an exercise doesn’t feel right, it’s likely not done right. Always take time to assess your form and do not rush through exercises. In fact, the longer you take with a movement, the more burn you’ll feel, and the more workout your muscles receive. All of our favourite shoulder exercises are simple, but without proper form, they will be either ineffective or potentially cause an injury.

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