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Top 4 Best At-Home Leg Exercises (No Equipment Needed!)

The favourite day of everyone’s workout. Ah… yes. The dreaded leg day. Hitting the gym and struggling to make your way back home, even with the help of handrails. Fortunately, with the pandemic still going strong with seemingly no end to the ever-evolving virus, we now have the added excuse of practicing our favourite exercises at home. As long as you practice the right form and supplement your exercise with adequate anabolic steroids, your efforts will still come into fruition, with potentially greater payoffs than if you would’ve hit the gym.

One of the biggest struggles of working out at home is the lack of equipment. With no treadmills, no specialized equipment, here are 4 exercises that will shred your legs and ensure you continue gaining on a lazy afternoon at home.

Exercise #1: Jump Squats

Starting off strong, this workout is not for those who were not previously already in shape. Jump squats require maximum effort with every repetition. By focusing your power in your thighs, you engage all the muscles in your legs to exert the highest potential.

The starting position for this exercise is to have your feet apart, shoulder width, as if you are prepared for a high jump. With your feet in this position, dip your hips back as far as possible while aligning your knees under your hips.

Once ready, jump as high as you can. This explosive, dynamic exercise will work your entire leg, your core, and get your heart rate up. Essentially, it’s a leg and cardio exercise all-in-one.

Exercise #2: Pistol Squats

Item number 2 and we’re not slowing down even the slightest. Pistol squats is one of the most difficult and nastiest exercises on this list. This movement will thoroughly test your balance, flexibility, and mobility, as well as give you an awesome pump in the quads allowing for massive growth.

Start by lifting your starting leg up in a 90-degree angle. Hold the other leg straight out in front of you. Squeeze your bent leg as tight as possible and bend down as low as you can. From there, spring upward by pumping hard on your only leg on the ground. Repeat with the other leg until exhaustion. Complete one side before moving onto the other leg. If your balance is not great, you can go down to a surface and drive up from there.

Because of the intensity of this exercise, it is perfect to compliment pistol squats with a side of Testosterone, which helps your muscles recover faster and endure tougher reps. Consider adding this workout to your cycle if you are stacking steroids.

Exercise #3: Single Leg Squats

Single leg squats test your core and balance, though not as intense as pistol squats. With that said, it’s still going to give your quads and hamstrings a run for their money. As you lower your body, your hamstrings are going to be fully engaged. Then, as you rise up, you will feel your quads tighten and the strength come through.

Start by kicking your leg back and attempt to sink all the way down until it touches the floor. Keep all your weight on your front leg. Drive up, kick your back leg forward, while moving your knee up. Stick to one leg for all the reps before moving onto the other leg.

Exercise #4: Yoga Squats

Sorry, this list doesn’t get any easier in terms of intensity. To truly work your legs without any sort of equipment, you must rely on 2 things: how much the exercise burns and how reliable your anabolic steroids are. With Yoga squats, certain weaker parts of your legs will really feel the effect, making it a great exercise to balance potentially uneven strength in the legs.

Start by standing with your feet together as close as possible. Then, squat down. While squatting, make sure to emphasize pushing your knees out and keep your hips back to maintain the proper squat form. You will feel your muscles tighten, potentially more vigorously in some areas than others.

Working Out at Home

If your local gym is closed, you may consider shying away from trying to find an open gym and instead stick to exercising at home. Check out our other article for the best exercises you can do at home. Be sure to not forget the essential supplements like Jeotrop and Riptropin to compliment your exercises.

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