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Understanding the Importance of Bulking for Muscle Growth

For a lot of athletes, bulking is actually harder than it sounds. While casuals may think eating 3 big mac meals per day will get you the desired effect, the result won’t be what you may have wanted. Instead, it’s important to rack up nutrient-rich food categories while bulking to ensure the result is what you want.

Bulking while consuming the correct nutrients will ensure your body gets the proper amount of fuel it needs, and the right type, so it can perform well and grow. There comes a time in everyone’s fitness journey where bulking is necessary for further growth. For most individuals, bulking is difficult as the body is required to put on additional weight on demand.

In this article, we will visit the reasons why it’s important to bulk and provide a few tips on how you can effectively bulk.

What is “Bulking” for Athletes?

To “bulk” is a procedure where a person puts on more mass for a period lasting generally 6-8 months. This is usually done by people interested in fitness, to optimize their physical appearance and wellbeing. Bulking is also used by people who desire to eat over their caloric maintenance, leading to a calorie surplus to pack on some serious muscle and strength. 

It is important to note at this point that bulking is not necessary when trying to put on muscle, though it definitely helps. While building strength and muscle can be done for any body sizes and types, it can be nearly impossible to build muscles on if you have no calories in your system to grow with. Therefore, by bulking and adding more calories into your system for growth, you will be allowing your body an easier time to utilize the nutrients in reaching your goals.


The Ideal Bulking Process

Generally, the recommended number to bulk with can be anywhere from a 100 calorie surplus to a 500 calorie surplus. Once this upper ceiling is exceeded, the excess calories will begin converting from potential muscles into fat, which is the exact opposite effect of what you want.

An ideal bulk consists of approximately 2 pounds of weight gain per month if done naturally, and 2-4 pounds of weight gain per month if using enhancements. Staying within this range will ensure you stay lean while bulking, letting you retain the muscular definition you worked so hard for during your cutting phase. Some anabolics that provide muscle growth while simultaneously shedding off body fat can be found in our shop, with options such as Sustanon 250 and Dianabol.


Understanding How Bulking Helps Muscle Growth

As previously indicated, bulking is important for muscle growth because it gives your body proper nutrition to grow, recover, and perform effectively during exercises. If your body type is naturally skinny, you may want to add Deca Durabolin into your cycle to enhance your desire for more food intake.

If you’re working out while at a calorie deficit (not eating enough), you will end up losing weight even if you train hard and feel fine. When at a caloric deficit, your body will have no choice but to use the remaining calories to perform the exercises you are forcing it to. So, make sure to eat a lot, and eat clean, if you are looking to bulk up for your new year goals.

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