Should You Bulk Or Cut? Here’s The Answer

At least once in everyone’s lifting career, they’re posed with the challenging question: is it time to bulk or time to cut?

For certain individuals on the furthest ends of the spectrum, like hard gainers or obese people, the answer is easy. However, for majority of people, it’s a tough choice – should you cut down and reveal incredible definition, or should you bulk up to gain tremendous size? Down below, our Alpha Pharm Team has put together an advanced guide to whether you should cut or bulk, and all the nitty-gritty details of the pair.

Firstly, what is bulking and cutting?

In the simplest of terms, bulking is when an individual eats in a caloric surplus over an extended period of time, in order to gain muscle mass & size. With bulking, the main goal is to pack on as much muscle mass as possible, while minimizing fat gain as much as possible. AlphaPharmCanada has some amazing products that you can utilize during a bulk to maximize muscle growth, such as TNT, MK-677, and Deca. On the other hand, cutting is when a person eats in a calorie deficit in order to lose weight & cut down body fat. Cutting entails weight loss, but you’ll want to make majority of that weight loss – fat loss – and try to maintain as much muscle mass as possible. Some great products we sell that assist well for cutting, are Winstrol and Clenbuterol, but don’t forget to check out our special Alpha Weight Loss stack.

Eating in a caloric surplus means you’re eating more calories than your body burns. Your TDEE is the number of energy units (calories) that your body burns in a day, so when bulking, you’ll want to find that number (which can be estimated here) and eat more calories than that number. Generally, a surplus of 200-600 calories is suggested for a nice, clean bulk. When cutting, you’ll want to eat less calories than your TDEE and for cutting, you’ll want to eat in a calorie deficit of 300-500 calories. If you eat in too much of a calorie surplus, fat gain is more likely to occur and eating in too big of a calorie deficit can necessitate muscle loss, so it’s smart to track calories and be precise.

Should I cut?

Generally speaking, if you’re over 17% body fat as a male, or over 27% body fat as a female, you may want to consider cutting down before your body fat levels elevate. However, there are factors that come into play with this. As a beginner, cutting isn’t a smart option because you haven’t built a solid base of muscle yet. Usually, it’s suggested to wait a minimum of one to two years before even considering cutting calories when first starting working out. However if you are unhealthily overweight, it’s okay to cut calories as a beginner in the gym, because your body can use that extra body fat as energy. As an intermediate and advanced lifter, it’s perfectly okay to cut when you see need be, because that base of muscle has already been built over years of training. Cutting down extensively without building a base first, is just going to leave you feeling small and weak. To build that base, check out Kigtropin – you’ll be blown away at the instant results.

Another point to know if you should cut, is if you’re unhappy with your body fat. If you’ve bulked up too much or if you’re simply unhappy with your body fat levels, consider cutting down calories slightly until you’re more comfortable with your body composition. Fat gain can at times get out of hand, and when you’re beginning to feel uncomfortable and insecure with how big your stomach is starting to look, or how soft & pudgy your arms are, perhaps it’s time to dial in and get lean. When you know you want to cut, it’s a very good idea to start tracking your calories, introducing cardio into your regime, and up the intensity of your workouts. It can also be useful to introduce an anabolic such as Masteron Propionate, as it’s one of the staple cutting supplements used by bodybuilders.

Should I bulk?

Let’s put it this way – if you want to progress in the gym, bulk. When cutting, you do get leaner, more vascular, and your physique will look impressive if there’s a base of muscle under it. Despite that, cutting is also a very good way to stall and decrease progress if done too much. The best way to get stronger, build more mass, and pack on size in the gym, is to bulk for 4-8 months, or even more! If you’re already at a healthy body fat and want to progress in every way possible, look into a bulking plan, find out how many calories you need to eat, up your workout volume, and get at it. To increase your hunger, Dianabol has been a class product since the Golden Era, so try it out and let us know what you think!


Some good hints to know if you should start bulking, are if you’re already lean, if you’re a gym beginner, and if you’ve just come off of a cutting routine. As a beginner, you’ll definitely want to prioritize bulking over anything, in order to build as much onto your frame as you can before you shred down. Building size will be unbelievably easy as a beginner, especially when loading up your body full of nutritious, calorie-dense, and protein-high foods. Being lean is also great, but the only way to pack on more size & look even more impressive the next time you cut down.

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