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Body Recomposition: Losing Fat and Packing On Muscle At The Same Time

Losing fat and packing on muscle at the same time, seem like counter-intuitive principles. I mean, technically, it doesn’t even fit within the laws of thermodynamics! Losing fat is a process in which the body burns body fat as fuel, when it isn’t being given sufficient calories to maintain energy and bulking, is when the body is being given a surplus of calories – more than the body needs. Body recomposition can be achieved at an unbelievable rate, with the help of some of our products. So, what is body recomposition and how does it do both these things at once? In this Alpha Pharm blog, we are gonna go in detail of what body recomposition is, who can utilize body recomposition, and how it happens.

What is body recomposition?

Body recomposition is a process in which the body loses body fat while increasing lean body mass (muscle). When the body is in a recomposition state, your physique will often look much more impressive, but the scale usually stays the same (within 5 pounds give or take of your starting body weight). Body recomposition is best achieved when the trainee is eating at maintenance calories, or in a slight (100-200) calorie deficit – it generally won’t occur while in a calorie surplus, as fat loss would be unable to occur (for natural athletes). However, some of our products such as Anavar and Winstrol allow the body to achieve fat loss even while in a calorie surplus. Muscle building however, can occur while in a deficit, especially with Tren Acetate, with proper progressive overload and recovery. In most circumstances, achieving body recomposition is nearly impossible, due to the fact that losing fat and gaining muscle are complete opposite actions and can almost never be achieved simultaneously, as one requires a calorie surplus and one requires a calorie deficit. However, there are a few specific circumstances, in which one can achieve body recomposition. These 4 circumstances, are when the trainee:

  • Is a beginner at the gym

When first starting out at the gym, the body goes through a phase, coined as the “newbie phase” or “newbie gains”. In this newbie gains phase, the body rapidly packs on muscle due to the new stimuli it’s being provided. During this process, the body often gains little fat and can even lose body fat at the same time! You’ll also gain a considerable amount of strength with newbie gains. As years progress, the rate at which muscle is built slows down, so newbies have peak muscle building potential! To bring your muscle building back up to peak development rate, check out our Alpha Bulk Stack.

  • Is detrained/Hasn’t trained in a considerable amount of time

With a detrained athlete, muscle loss is often an occurrence. Since the body is no longer being put under stress of physical activity, it won’t feel the need to keep all the muscle you’ve built, so therefore muscle mass will decrease. On the bright side, muscle cells and your CNS (central nervous system) build neural pathways as you advance in training. The muscle nuclei that have been built up over the years may shrink (muscle atrophy) once training has come to a halt, but they stay in your body and don’t disappear whatsoever. This means, when you start training again, you won’t have to build new neural pathways all over again; the old neural pathways get reactivated and help you grow muscle, technique, and strength back at approximately 3x the rate it took to grow initially! This is called muscle memory and it’s why when you start training again after a long halt, you get back to your old personal records much quicker than it took the first time.

  • Is very overweight/obese

Overweight individuals can also achieve body recomposition. They’re able to do this because when the body has an excess amount of fat tissue, it’ll use that extra tissue as energy stores while you’re in your muscle building phase.

  • Is on anabolic steroids/performance enhancing drugs

The laws of thermodynamics don’t apply to people who are on anabolics, since new hormones have been introduced to their body and they’re no longer in a natural state. With that, people who are on steroids can lose fat (Clenbuterol is great for this), gain muscle (try out TNT for this), boost strength (Dianabol has shown major benefits towards strength gains), and enhance recovery far greater than a natural athlete can, with the help of the extra supplementation. Try out our Cannabis products for some extra recovery, so you can be fresh & good to go for your next workout!

In final…

Body recomposition is a great approach if you fit under any of the categories listed above, because you get the best of both worlds: muscle gain, fat loss, and you maintain a healthy, impressive weight! Although very unlikely, body recomposition can indeed happen for the average lifter outside of these 4 categories for several reasons, such as a rapid change in nutrition in a diet, or if the trainee has just come off of an extensive cutting/bulking cycle, or better sleep. So, if you want to lose body fat and pack on a bit more muscle, try improving nutrition, sleep, and workout programming while eating at a maintenance calorie level or even a slight deficit, and see the results for yourself! Let the Alpha Pharm Team know how it works out for you, and check out some more of our blogs for extra educational info and tips.


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