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The Best Food for Building Lean Muscles

It’s a well known thing for most athletes that protein is the secret to building lean and strong muscles. However, many people don’t fully understand the proper sources of protein intake. From fried food to overly greasy and oily dishes, there can be a lot of pitfalls if one does not carefully select the form of protein to intake.

Our goal with this article is to present the 5 best food to get your filling of protein, allowing your muscles to regenerate faster while packing on more lean tissues. Be sure to also check out our guide on the top 4 staple anabolic steroids to further enhance your exercises!

Protein Source #1: Salmon or Tuna

Salmon or Tuna are 2 of the best types of fish for a rich yield in protein. Containing approximately 23 grams of protein out of every 100 grams of serving, these 2 fish options provide some of the best nutrients in keeping healthy while packing on significant bulging muscles.

Protein Source #2: Chicken

There’s a reason why chicken is said to taste like nothing and everything – it’s because that’s the taste of pure protein. As one of the most easily accessible foods, Chicken has been responsible for the growth of countless millions of athlete’s muscles. Packing 27 grams of protein for every 100 grams served, chicken is one of the best meal choices for bodybuilders.

Protein Source #3: Non-Fatty Beef

One of the tastiest meats in existence, beef is another high protein food that is great for helping athletes pack on muscles. However, not all beef contributes well to this purpose, as some cuts of beef are much fatter than others. At steakhouses, you will want to go after the leaner cuts, including select sirloin, rounds, and others. This article from Yorach Steakhouse does a great job in recommending the cuts of steaks you should be having.

Protein Source #4: Eggs

When in doubt, add an egg to it. Eggs make everything better, especially for a workout diet. Pan fry it, hard boil and poach it, or start your day with a sunny-side up – however you choose to consume, eggs come stacked with more protein than one would guess from its size. Just be mindful of how the egg is prepared, as some dishes may use excessive oil and saturated fat. Some athletes opt to eat eggs raw to skip out on all the oil and grease.

Protein Source #5: Almonds

As one of the most popular nuts in North America, almonds do a great job in yielding the appropriate levels of protein for those who may not be in the mood for a meal, or live a vegan lifestyle in general. While not as high in protein as other options on this list, almonds still yield a significant source of protein for those who choose to treat it like a snack, providing another source of considerable protein.

Beginning Your Workouts With the Right Diet

Now that you know the 5 best sources for protein, it’s time to start planning your diet so you can effectively hit the muscle groups you’ve always wanted to train. If you’re unsure of which muscles to focus on, and mainly want to look good in time for the Summer, refer to our guide for the top 3 muscle groups to train. You can do it!

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